Call for images in gallery of the Kaleidoscope modeling homepage

I working on the homepage of the kaleidoscope modeling.
Here you can find the work-in-progress homepage:
You can find pictures and videos now, but many things now missing - so I working on it.

I want to make an user gallery, please send good renders of your good modeles that modeled with this technique. I will put the best pictures on the homepage!

Please look the videos!!! (The first video link bad, but others are good.) If you can make good videos, I will use it too.
Here is an example.

really cool technique and some really cool images youve got! i will have to try this out…
awesome render btw… which renderer did you use?

That is a lot of fun. I had a little fun with it, then put it into the game engine, Have a look at this effect. (push the p button to play) Oahh, and if you get board, give the space button a tap


what you have presented is easy and fun. I will be watching your website development and will have a picture to upload to the gallery when it’s ready.

Nice technique and thanks for inspiration, this is first time I use shrink/fatten.

I like it :slight_smile: Here’s one from me. I started with a tetrahedron on this one so its entirely made of triangles.

endi: The link to actually points to

Just a fun pic of some of the shapes that I made:

I rendered a nice (imho) example with tuhopuu. Endi, is it o.k. if I send it to your email?

I also tested the technique in an old version of C4D I have - ‘normal move’ and ‘normal scale’ seem to work to some extent, but not so good.

Very cool modeling technique. The website has a ton of informations and it’s an incredibly easy method to use. Just a bit tricky to figure out how to get the shapes you have in mind. Well right now is “go along and stop when you have something you like”. Well I did come up with something nice that reminded me of a 3d ice cristal:
direct link:
(HDR lighting setup)

thank you for the replies
i will come when i have time and energy

Sounds interesting. Heres 4 that I made quite a while ago.

They were done quickly so they’re small and low quallity. I’ll fix then up later, and make some more too :slight_smile:

BTW, I wrote a tutorial on how I made these too.
There are a few tutorials in there, one of them explains my method used above.