Call for Modifier Icons!

Hi everybody,
I just noticed that some modifiers re-use icons, which were not meant for them.
The Ocean Modifier uses the Wave Modifier icon.
The Warp Modifier uses the Subdivision Surface icon.

So! We need two unique icons, one for the Ocean modifier and one for the warp modifier.

The contest is open! :slight_smile:

You can post the icon in any size, but keep in mind, the final should be max. 16x16 pixel as png with alpha.

I think the Ocean modifier should get the Wave modifier’s icon.
The Wave Modifer should get the new one :wink:

Well if someone comes up with a unique and good looking Ocean Modifier icon, I’d rather use that :wink:

What about the vertex group modifiers? they all use the same icon and that icon, with all respect to the designer, wouldn’t win a beauty contest.
If you do a call for icons I think you should incorporate those too.

This thread is not about beauty of existing icons. But if someone makes some good ones I am happy to review them. But let’s not lose focus now please and tackle the initial issue of the re-use first!

How does this look

I really like the ocean modifier icon, its meaning is clear and it fits nicely with the other icons.
The icon for the warp modifier could use (IMHO) some improvements though.

I agree with Wolter.

Ocean is nice but Warp must be warped :smiley:

Where is the original Icon maker for blender?
Would be nice to get him to do the job, he’s a genius.



The one in the bottom-right is just a dirty sketch, but I think no icon can best the current one, it is super simple, clear and readable.

For the new wave icon, maybe I should try a more “3d ripple” look, instead of that 2d slice like view… not sure about that.

I agree - I tried my hands on creating a different looking ocean icon, and, like yours, too much detail obfuscates and clutters the icon look. In my opinion as well it should be the wave icon that deserves a rethink.

Zafio, although I like your icons warp and wave icons, I don’t think they are obvious enough to convey the basic meaning. Also, they look at of place compared to the other icons. The wave looks too much like mathematical signage, or something.

ldh1109, your icons miss some essential visual properties and do not have the look and feel of the other Blender icons.

Updated it with some variants. Including a more “appropiate” version of ldh1109’s wave design.

Herbert: The wave icon looks like the zodiac sign of libra, actually :smiley:

Zafio, excellent ones.

Ah, the new warp and wave icons look quite good now, Zafio. Good work.

I must say those icons look great Zafio, all of them. I especially like the middle one for the warp modifier (although it maybe looks more like a ‘wrap’ modifier).

Yet I disagree with your choice to use the wave icon for the ocean modifier. That icon represents a single wave. Maybe it’s not the kind of wave you get from the wave modifier but it surely isn’t an ocean surface.
Your wave modifiers icons (the 3d ones) do look like the wave modifier output but I doubt that someone who doesn’t know the wave modifier get’s a better understanding from it then from the old icon.
Also, the current icons are mostly 2D there are some 3d elements but not as distinct as yours, and therefore they are less suitable (IMHO) as modifier icons. (though I must say again, they are very pretty)

The ocean modifier icon of ldh1109 represents a very clear ocean surface in the style of the other icons, so that has my vote.

Updated it with another Warp variant, but I’m not happy with any of those, it is ultra-tricky to represent the Warp modifier without making it look like Wrap or even Taper…

Added also a version of ldh1109’s ocean design.

Wolter: With the text label next to it, I don’t think anyone would have trouble understanding what “wave” modifier does and mentally link it to any of those icons.
But I have to admit, the current wave icon is more pleasant and readable.

Zafio: Thanks, I like your new Ocean one and also the Warp one (the one on the left side) :slight_smile:

DingTo: Ok then, there you go:
Warp icon
Ocean icon

Zafio: man, you got talent in doing icons! Really!