Call for Release Demo Vids!

We are looking for demonstration videos for upcoming release (one week from now). The plan is to make a special web page with videos like this one from XSI. Please, if you can, help making small videos (can be mute) about the features in this list.

  • Edge Split Modifier
  • Displace Modifier (got one from devroo)
  • UV Project Modifier
  • Sculpt Modeling
  • Retopology Tools
  • Multiple UVs / Vertex Colors (got one from devroo)
  • Image Painting + Fast 3D Painting + New Tools
  • Walk Cycle Modifiers
  • Proxy Objects
  • Shadow Buffers
  • Render baking (got one from devroo)
  • Render Passes
  • New Nodes: UV Map, Index Mask (made this one)
  • New Nodes: Z Combine, Matte, Defocus, Displace)
  • Imaging
  • GE Physics
  • Soft Body (self collision etc) (made this one)I will re compress all vids in the final format and size etc, so I’m not asking for a specific video format right now, just make sure its clear and with a good enough resolution (600-800 px wide) 15 fps, NO Google Video or You Tube please.

Send links with videos to zanqdo(at), if you can’t host your videos, just send me a mail and I can give you a place to upload them, also if you remember an existent video made by someone else please point me to it.

There is not much time so hurry up!
Daniel Salazar