Call for Splash Screen Images - Blender 2.66

Hey all,

Blender 2.66 is expected to be released in 3 weeks time, so now we’re looking for a new splash screen!

Jonathan Williamson, Bart Veldhuizen and myself have been asked to choose the image.

The plan was to select any image from anywhere, but I thought I’d give people a chance to submit their artworks that they haven’t necessarily already posted elsewhere. The winning entry may or may not come from this thread, but it gives you an opportunity to put your work in the forefront to be seen.

Just attach your entry in a post below.

Keep in mind that the splash screen is horizontal, so vertical images may not be accepted regardless of how good they are.

EDIT: Ton has asked that the artist of the chosen splash screen be able to provide the .blend for people to download. But if you’re not happy with that and would still like to enter, just say so in your entry and it may still be considered. Thanks

EDIT EDIT: Furthermore, Ton wants it on something to do with 2.66. That means either Hair OR Dynatopo. Deadline is 18th February.

There are plenty of much more quality images out there, but I’d like to throw this in just in case:

No matter whose image gets in, please make sure that it really shows what Blender can do!

DAM i wish i had that good of a pc ^

here is my

I think it must be about hair this time

I think there should no brand in it. But looks awesome!

[QUOTE=Jonathan L;2288855]

I dare to say the BF wants to stay “neutral” and not make advertisement for Ferrero :wink: hinthint

I think it must be about hair this time

Not about dynamic topology? lol

I have some too:
But especially maybe from them I choose this one:

I think a highly detailed sculpt with half of it shown in wire mode would work as a great splash screen.

whens the deadline? I know its being released in 3 weeks,but surely you will judging earlier…

Just a suggestion can you guys mix multiple images made in Blender to show how powerful Blender is getting. Let me put it an other way i would love it if our “judges” will choose an image that is made using different part of Blender features. Like some Dyntopo, Cycles strands, Mikha’s new fire system, …
This is just a thought :slight_smile:

My submission for the new 2.66 splash screen…
good luck with the pick!
…by Prebeo Animation Studios

I changed my mind. I want the one in post 10 and the author closed in a room and don’t let him go out of there until a tutorial is released.

If strand rendering is included:

I don’t think this is the right place to discuss single artworks here.
It is just my suggestion. And everybody can make their own :slight_smile:

Great idea! I think that should be the Splash because of the new Cycles Strand render. :smiley:

can I post multiple entries ?

When is the deadline?

released in 3 weeks, minus judging time… i’d give you a week to come up with some thing suitably awesome!