Call for Videocamera-Owners

well, My idea was to make an animated count-down movie for the Conference in Amsterdam, but making it fully animated takes a bit too long (considering I only have a week left).

so that’s why I had the following idea:

If you have a videocamera that you can plug into your PC. you can record yourself (shoulder/head shot) saying something (good) about blender, where you like it to go. etc.
end every clip with the words FREE BLENDER.
every clip should be 5-10 seconds.

the final video will be shown at the conference on a big screen!

so, if you want to say something to ton, wish him luck, wish blender luck. HERE IS YOUR CHANCE!

please upload the final clip to a site in avi format. and please PLEASE make it under 20 MB.



This idea sounds cool…