Call of Duty 4

Downloading (legally) right now. =]
any other blenderheads play online?

I play it on Xbox Live, is that one of the games that PC games can play with Xbox Live people like Gears of War is? If so, my name is xDarthxnaterx on Live :slight_smile:

i didn’t even know that was possible. haha, but if it is i’ll look you up

i am jealous…i don’t have that game yet. i guess it doesn’t really matter right now though…MicroSuck still has my xBox360! going into week 5 now…

Same here. And for the SECOND time. :mad:

WHEN I get it back…if it craps out again…I am going to be personally visiting Bill Gates for an xbox enema session! Just kidding there…actually if it craps out again…I’m going back to Sony…

Still playing a lot of COD2 Tatical Realism. Will make the jump to COD4 soon

Can’t say I tried it - appears promising!

Played it but not online. SP was great, but rather short. I like playing the extra mission at the end (in the airplane) in arcade mode when i need something to do that isnt work lol

Is it true what i hear about the sniper rifle in multiplayer? I’ve been told its either not very good or just hard to use

Why play CoD4 when you can play TF2!

Seriously people, BEST. GAME. EVER.




cool game as graphics and game play , but it contains a lot of ideas about arab <not discussing them btw> , i’m arabic , and obviously i understand sentences written on walls in the game and arabic voices in it .
but technically cool game , playing it on 8600 GT , graphics are cool :slight_smile: .

Not for me, I use one of the semi auto sniper rifles so I can shot far away and if I get right in the shit, I could shot really quick and save my ass. I’ve been on a light machine gun kick lately, it all depends on the map your playing what gun works and which ones don’t.

3dguru: I’d love to know what they are saying. Mostly out of curiosity.

Regarding the sniper rifles. Semiauto’s are spray and pray sniper guns [how perverse can it get]. Only the bolt actions are worth using if you want to give the one shot one kill moto some respect. The hitbox for those kills is rather small (head, neck and for some rifle the upper torso) compared to other COD games.

Here goes my massive rant…
I’ve played COD since the first release and I feel let down by the 4th. It’s been dumbed down and requires even less skill than before to get kills.

There’s a whole list of features that give noobs free anoying kills [here comes my rant…]

-Airstrike and helicopters. Sure 5 and 7 kill streak may seem difficult at first…but seriously? it’s not. They are usually on an average 20 player server 4 players (2 on each side) or more getting these options (me included). Call them in and reap in the kills by the dozen that it isnt even funny anymore. Seing players getting a 54-16 kill/death at the end of a game doesnt get a gg anymore since half of those are heli/airstrike kills. I’ve gotten such score and I’ll tell you there’s no sense of accomplishment.

-Martyrdom…now what the $%@$ where the dev’s smoking when they came up with that idea. There’s absolutely no point to this. First, its completely unrealistic, Second, it’s more of a nuissance than anything else…especially with the Friendly fire on. Noob next to you in a tiny room gets shot, you get the shaft because of him.

-Drones: for 3 kill streak? come on…it’s like having a godam wallhack on all the time. It’s not even a drone but a god’s eye. Sure drones are tiny planes with sensors high in the air but i’d like someone explain to me how you get seen 2 stories below earth by it…Add to it the ability to wall and you’ve got mg spraying noobs firing blindly at every radar spot they have on their compass. Sure, you’ve got the invisible to drone perk but it’s a waste unless you are a sniper camping out or a stealth back rusher.

-Normal mode. Whats with the 100hit points (150 with juggernaut) and big assault rifle bullets doing only 40 damage max (60 with the right perks). I mean it’s an assault rifle for god’s sake! In COD2 Normal mode, one rifle rifle bullet brought a man down (kar98k) And those guns were less powerful and of smaller caliber than say a big ak47 or the M249 SAW. Now you need 2-3 to bring him down which makes the game play like a spray and pray arcade shooter. Yeah, sure you’ve got an automatic but compare the mp44 available in both games and you’ll see what I mean. I feel like I’m wielding bebee guns. Thank god for hardcore mode. Sadly most clan games are played using normal mode but with most annoying perks disabled.

-Map size: they are all tiny claustrophobic maps full of nicks and cranies. there are no big open maps like in CoD2. I have nothing against maps like crash etc, even find them well done but with the sprint feature, you can get to the opponents spawn in less than 15 seconds. This makes the annoying backrushers (got nothign against them but can get a tad annoying) and spawnkillers (if you need to spawn kill to get kills then you are a noob) a rather annoying problem. Small maps encourages the spray and pray tactic and with walling a possibility, you’ll get shot or kill players by accident and luck. At what point does fragging becomes this ridiculous?
At least the map editor is out now for the pc and well get some decent maps to compensate the minuscule ones we have right now

-Accuracy on the weapons. In cod2 if you had your iron sights on target, it hit or close to it (especially the rifles, even larger machine guns and semi auto guns). Now you’ve got the ‘probability’ factor to consider. You can aim for a headshot with your iron sights but chances are it will miss. Bringing a luck issue to counteract skill is the most annoying idea i’ve seen in a fps game. Also increasing the spray and pray tactics.
You can still do this to some extend but it’s been seriously dumbed down from COD2. No more long range engagments using mp44s and rifles.

-Snipers. I’m glad they removed the unscoping feat so common in COD2 but their damage output and accuracy is for some of the guns laughable. It takes some time to get used to the smaller one hit kill hitbox (headshots and upper torso) but this is an increase in the skill needed to master the gun.
Take the barret .50. Whoever played America’s army knows the recoil on this thing. This is of course compensated by the huge bullet fired. In AA, getting hit anywere by this gun brought a man down. Well in Cod4, a .50 bullet in the stomach leaves the player up and running about. Accuracy on the gun is pitiful (as are all the semi auto snipers are) which leads to snipers spraying at a target. Isn’t that perverse? Snipers spraying bullets at a target? The irony and even worse…the sight of this is sickening! There goes you’re one shot one kill moto once so revered lol
(I personnaly go for the good old bolt action snipers going for headshots)

Clan wars are a big letdown compared to CoD2. Small maps and the sprint feature really dumbs down the match to this
Round Start: Sprint to A or B, kill enemies or get killed depending on bullet accuracy/health luck factor, bother to plant bomb if the whole enemy teams hasn’t rushed at the bomb site in response to your attack. Rinse and repeat. The whole round is usually played in less than a minute…

I’m not saying COD4 is a bad game. I still like it a lot but they’ve removed in so many areas features that differentiated a skillfull player from the rest (accuracy, good map positioning and tactics) and added a huge amount of tools to help out the noobs get easy kills (helicopters, drones, claymore mines, air strike, more health, spray and pray encouraging features, martyrdom etc and the list goes on)

Thank god we have hardcore and tactical realism servers starting to pop up here and there and thankfully new maps.

ps3 network…im iliketosayblah and yea, im addicted to CoD 4!

my best guns: M60, G36c, P90, (im ashamed to say) M4 Carbine :frowning: , Druganov, RPD.

i play cod4 too

Thats a pretty good rant Edeehem, But I have never once cussed at Martyrdom, even though it has lowed my kill/death ratio to pitiful levels lol You just got to keep moving.

I would have to say that my lest favorite perk is Last stand, That is another perk that kills my kill/death ratio, I don’t like it just because it feels like that you get killed or brought down quicker then if you didn’t have it enabled.

My least favorite map is bog and Block, bog just because its so dark and I can’t see anything. and Block just because I don’t.

I love Cod4 and so does my wife and both of my sons, we will all sit for 8 hours straight taking turners online or split screen, on MY profile of coarse cause my son acts like a little bitch sometimes (all the time) and he don’t want HIS stats messed up…

I’m to ashamed to post my user name though, its that bad. T.T

P.S, We should make a BLENDER clan, that would be fucking wicked sick!

I’m in! We should make the clan tag BLND or something like that

I’m in! We should make the clan tag BLND or something like that

i play the game off-line , and would be happy to join you as well <online> :cool:

How about this as a clan tag?


Team Fortress 2.