Call of Duty: Black Ops Modular Environment?

So, I’ve been taking a look at the environmental artwork in the latest Call of Duty series (Black Ops) and it doesn’t really look like they’ve done a lot of modular work. Although they probably have.

Here is a video I’ve just googled:

It’ hard to spot the modularity there.

The reason I ask is because I’ve been looking at some modular environment tutorials it’s pretty easy to spot, compared to Black Ops.

If you have enough modular components and enough flexibility to easily create variations in materials, you can create enough combinations moving modular components into each other and make enough slight changes in materials that, unless you look real close, it will appear as if everything in the scene in unique.

Also, the fact that Call of Duty isn’t known for highly destructable environments makes it even more effective if part of it is overlapping components put together in a way it looks like one unique object even though the sections overlap inside the structure.