Call of Nature - Treeman

Call of Nature - Treeman

Hello everyone, I wanted to share with you my first sculpt ever !
This Treeman character was designed and completed as the main figure for the Moving Meditation competition that took place last month.

Even though it was a bit scary at first, I had a lot of fun doing such a sculpt.
I think that modeling a tree-like creature allowed me to do a lot of mistakes without botchering the model.

After being done with the sculpt process in Blender, I proceeded with some texturing with substance painter, first time using this software as well, and I loved it!

The 3D model is also visible on Sketchfab (I’d like to have it embedded for it to be more interactive, but couldn’t make it work for now ! any tips?) :


Nice. Great work for a first sculpt. Glad to hear you used and like Substance Painter too. I’m addicted to it.

Perhaps @bartv might know about the Sketchfab embedding thing. If he doesn’t know, no-one will. I think there’s used to be a dedicated button, but it’s gone now.

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Let’s see if the embedded tool is still working then !

I need to dive deeper in Substance, I barely scratches the varnish and it’s as if a new world was opening :smile:

I think I should really use it for the master assets !

I fixed it for you - to add any embed (same for YouTube etc), just put the URL on its own line and it will expand into a player.

This was on the old BA, not since we moved to Discourse :slight_smile:


Thanks Bart, I should have known that the most simple way was the correct one !

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Hey, thanks a lot Bart, that’s amazing :smile:
Have a great weekend too !!

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