Call-Out Titles "Cycle & Eevee" Blender 3.0

I present you the “Call-Out Titles” project, it allows to add interactive titles directly in the 3D scene. The titles are automatically animated according to the position of the objects they follow. A studio environment has been developed for product presentation. No tutorial, this product will be soon available on the Blender Market".

What did you think ?


Looks really useful and I would like to know more about it.

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This is what I searching since long time.

Perfect Blender add on… please work on that I can early in time use it…

Very good concept and idea

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More information will come soon.

It’s going well, it will be available soon.

Fine to read and hear :slight_smile:

Doe still have a planned release date for it ?

released yesterday!

Released yesterday:

released yesterday

Hello… great tool and package thanks… I bought it now… :slight_smile:

When you planning to complete the instruction for it ?

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I am working on the documentation now, I hope to finalize it before July 15.

Good to hear… thanks for information… I look forward to it

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the 15th July is over :slight_smile:

How is looking with your documentation ??

During all the week, I was taken by my moving and besides I still have works to be realized in the old apartment.
I could only prepare the packages for the asset Brush.
I continue the documentation next week and I hope to finish this time.