Call to 3D modelers artists

I operate in Mairna del Rey, California USA, an art gallery dedicated to digital artists named Float gallery.
I am working on selecting 3D models to be produced on a Z system that is a stereolithograpy machine with full RGB color printing capacity for an art exhibition to be held between 14th of October 2006 and closing on the 2nd of January 2007.
I will present 5 categories of art work by 3D artists.
Category 1 is for portrait sculpture of human face, visage and face expression
Category 2 is for animal sculpture
Category 3 is for utility objects like a key, or a comb or a knife or a fork etc…
Category 4 is for complex objects like moebius ribon etc…
Category 5 is for precision objects like a watch mechanism etc…
The models will then be reproduced on a Z system in 3D and with their texture and colors.
The models needs to be exported in Stanford ply format for the Z system being able to map color to surface.
I want to be clear that this is an art project designed to promote 3D modeling as an art form and using the emergence of stereolithography systems with color capacity to deliver art pieces for museum and collections.
Those who are interested can contact me at
My web site is


how much does a printer like that cost to run?