Calling All Animators And Texturers

Hey There! I’m Rj, and I’m making a video game with a bunch of people, but we still need some help. We need some one who can texture like a pro in blender and also someone who is good with animating so if you want to join contact me here.

Skype: Rjfire1

Email: [email protected]

Thanks so much!

Not enough information. Provide all the information you have on the project and at least make an attempt to inform people what you and these people are working towards.

Yeh… Seeing as you only have one post we want to see what you have to offer and what it looks like

I’d love to help as that stuff is what I call home.

Check out our youtube then! sorry i didn’t give anything for you to see here

LOL. That MALE model looks familiar.

This projects seems interesting.

My Blender Animatinos are Here. Please watch them in HD

Looking for 3D Artwork with Blender