Calling all artists for taking part in designing stunning graphics for our game!

Hi there,

A friend of mine and I are creating a game. We’re both passionate about our expertise. Which would be music for me and development for my friend.

One thing that’s obviously missing is artwork. That’s why I’m here. We thought that we’d be able to come up with amazing graphics by eating, breathing, and sleeping Blender. Alas.

Other than the fact that this is completely new to us, we don’t have the time to. This is where we need you.

First, let’s go through the concept of the game. It’s a puzzle/maze game where you have to guide the protagonist to complete a room by passing various hindrances, which will make you reach the door to enter the next room, and so on and so forth. You’ll encounter all sorts of tiles which can say catapult you, trap you, freeze you, etc. Be aware that this is a mockup:
It kind of gives you an idea though, the room will be full of separate graphics which will match and create a room like previously described (to give a room-like feeling we’ll need some kind of walls which are non-intrusive I think?)
You can also tell that the mockup of a room is basically a flat grid. That’s not what we want. We want a “2.5D” experience. The tiles don’t have to be cubes or anything, so no 3D. But 2D would just look like a spreadsheet with square cell sizes. So what we’re aiming for is a type of graphic which makes you feel like you’re controlling a character inside of a room by walking up/down/etc. You’ll be playing the game from a top-down view (but again, not completely top-down to the point where it’s just 2D)

We’ll also need you to design the UI of the game (home screen, achievements page, etc) We know how we want stuff to look like but the UI should be the last part of the designing process since it’ll incorporate various game elements so depending on how that goes, the UI will look accordingly. To give you an idea though, selecting a room would look something like this:
Tabs to select a range of rooms which have visual previews to give you an idea of what room you’re about to play. (A green checkmark marks a completed room, and the blue shape is supposed to be a diamond meaning you captured the diamond too)

Not only would this work out well for us, it would for you too! Your work would get more exposure, and you have the chance of delivering something unique! Financially speaking, we’ll work something out, we’re not super-duper tight on cash but we’re not rich either. We’re indies after all.

Hopefully this made you interested so that you wanna contact us. You can just private message me on here and then we’ll get back to you.

PS: if you have any previous “2.5D” graphics, include a preview or so, that way we’re more confident we got the right artist. (not mandatory though)

Looking forward to seeing what you got!