Calling all artists. Let me market your work for you!


(Warning: Long post)

I’m a business/marketing student and I have a small personal project Im running. I’ve always been fascinated by the awesome art produced in this community and I was trying to figure out a way where I can hone my marketing skills as well as showcase the amazing artists here. So here’s my idea. I’m setting up a youtube channel for lo-fi / chill type music.

I’m currently seeking artists to create custom work for the channel. The art will be accompanied by music with license/permission from the producer.

Unfortunately because of the business model I will be unable to monetise any of the content because all the copyrights will be retained by the original creators (artist and producer) therefore no money is to be made from the content posted by the channel.

I don’t mind working for free to sharpen my skills because it is a passion project for me personally. But I would never expect others to work for free. If I were filthy rich and could afford to purchase the music/art outright for this project I would!.

There will be very little animation involved if any. It will depend on the particular theme of the video.

The incentive for you would be the free exposure and auxiliary benefit from my marketing efforts. Links to your social media profiles, website, art station profile etc will be posted in the description of every video you participate in across multiple platforms.

I got some concept art drawn up for characters I wanted to use on the channel (see below). For each video, it will be a rotation of 6 individual characters in different settings. With plans to add to this list in the future. Because the overall theme of the channel is anime-inspired most if not all the artwork will be in a toon style. But we will experiment and play with other styles at some point too.

There’s an overflow of talented artists here which is awesome!. However, I am only looking to work with maybe 2-3 artists right now. Don’t worry I don’t expect anyone to dedicate all their time to this project. I understand we’re all busy. But if you’re interested and wouldn’t mind flexing your creative muscles doing a fun little side project once a week. Please feel free to contact me.

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