Calling all BlenderHead with something to say.


I just started a this thread called ‘Cool things in Blender that aren’t so obvious’.

Feel free to add more things to it or critique what is already there.

** If you don’t whant to register with CGTalk (it is free and the Blender Forum needs your support there) but you still have something to add, just post it here and I will re-post it over there.


sounds interesting! im happy blender’s finally getting some publicitiy in the big bad world…

Though obvious, well, why does everybody download it? Yup, that’s right: The monkey.


Just kidding, though you may want to put that up. Seriously, it’s free, open-source, and (everyone wishes that) it could make good games.

Still… monkees! Monkey Monkey Monkey!

Just added it to the list… thanks, I was missing Suzanne. :wink: