Calling all for help on new build

Hello fellow Blender Heads. Looking for help on a new pc. I haven’t built a system in 25 years. And just like everything these days, it’s not the struggle for data to make an informed decision, it’s the sludge of tremendous amounts of data to make a decision. So here go. I’ve nibbled on Blender in the past few years and now I am in a position to dive into it as a professional hobbyists. Here’s some info:

Not going to do any animations or simulations

Don’t wanna/not going to use render farms, paid or otherwise. Don’t think projects will require it.

$3500 budget including peripherals.

Not a gamer! Zero! Been watching a lot of videos and I’m glad to see there are a lot of SSD available. I remember thinking back in the mid 1990s that the HDDs probably wont be around in another 10 years. Didn’t think they would be around today. I don’t use a lot if hard drive space. I think I use 250g of my 1Tb on my macbook pro right now.

I read in a previous build post about three months ago that under the the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti is a beast and can allow you to have some fast real time renders in the viewport. That sounds awesome.

Almost every bit of research about ram is two high speed 16gb sticks close to the cpu (of course) and anything over that can actually be a bottle neck?

As far as CPU and all the threads and cores, I have no idea what the beat Is. i guess I want it all. I want it to model like an animal, render like a beast in the viewport, and crunch a final render like it’s possessed. But I know you can’t have everything.

And there is so much more. I’ve drowned reading reddit and watching youtube videos about all the different kinds of SSDs and the connectors (one guy said something about only 8Gbs? Wow! Things are smoking fast these days! Then theres the question of whether intel or amd is better cpu and on and on. Anyway. Let r rip. Be glad to have some feedback from people who build machines mainly for Blender or other CGI software. Thanks.

I will mention that the SSD’s won’t really cause a speed up in blender. That is one reason I still keep blender on my 2tb platter drive. However other softwares you will benefit with a SSD or 2 or 3 :wink: My dedicated compositing software I do have on my SSD as well as any video files I will be compositing/editing. Reason Blender doesn’t benefit is due to as you mention most of the use is modeling or number crunching which does not really involve the use of a SSD but more so a GPU or CPU that is a monster.
Now as for what CPU/GPU combo to look for I will let others chime in on that as I am still several years behind with my i7 and an 8gig msi gtx 1070. AMD I think pretty much is rocking with their newer lines of processors. Haven’t had an AMD GPU since the ATI All-in-Wonder 128 that was around the time AMD stepped in and gobbled everything up.

Just change:

  • CPU: AMD TR 2920
  • GPU: RTX 2080Ti / Titan RTX

Thanks. I might treat myself and get a really nice SSD even though don’t really need one. :stuck_out_tongue:

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much obliged for your response. :+1: