Calling all willing animators (and everything else).

You didn’t say anything to kill the thread, it’s just that people on this forum (including me) see this kind of stuff all the time… Someone posts a thread asking for people to help them and they want the people to do everything for them (in your case rig and animate characters) and u don’t have anything to show for your game. A better approach would instead be to ask people how to rig a character or how to create the animation. Then At least people don’t feel like you want them to all the work and they should be more willing to help u.
I too am 17 and understand that u don’t have the money to pay the people who will rig and animate for u but u might say if they do it for u, u will give them credit for it in the animation credits, so at least they will feel like u appreciated the help a little more.
If I could animate and rig well, I still wouldn’t want to do it for u because there is nothing in it for me, and I think that’s why people don’t want to help u.

lol! OK!

Are yo sure?

Even if you don’t like the answer?

Because the answer is simple.

It has nothing to do with you.

It is because these ideas… 99.999999999999999999999999% of the time don’t work. Pure and simple. And this thread is a simple example.

Your bright idea was not a solution to a problem. It was the start of a whole set of new problems that posting a thread here is the last thing you want to do to solve them.

This is not a reflection on you other than being short-sighted.

So where do you go from here?

You have to ask yourself some questions that only you can answer.

  1. Why exactly did I want to come up with this idea and what was I trying to accomplish?

  2. How important to me is this idea? And how much time am I willing to spend on it?

  3. What am I going to get out of it by spending that time and what is it worth to me? (not money just in general)

Now if the answer to # 2 is 5-8 hours per day for a few months and it means that much, then an animation is a great idea.

And right at this point you say… but wait. I don’t have that time and I don’t know enough about animation… that is why I cam here…!

Back to the first point. Bad idea. Because that won’t work, it rarely - if ever - does. And usually when it does work it is with a very very well organized professional-level production. And even they have a tough time.

An amateurish production - even if it would work - would not result in anything that would really be helpful under question #1 above.

So only you can answer those questions.

This is not you being stupid. Just look over other areas you do - perhaps music. Now look over that area and evaluate what is successful and apply that to other things you do. Rather than make assumptions based on what you think might be a good idea. Do the same things that worked in other areas of your life.

For instance, would you come here and tell everyone you had a great idea for a symphony? And that you want us all to help you compose it?

Not likely.

So why for animation?

Because it is a larger scale thing? Not necessarily. People do small one-man productions all the time. It is a lot of hard work but it is done all the time. In fact they are for the most part the only ones that ever do work at this volunteer level. Some smaller team productions also but mostly very tight relationships that have formed or fellow students. Not just anyone coming together. It can happen but very very rarely ever works.

Up to you if you want to be an animator or not. If not, give it to someone who does - the entire idea. And let them run with it on their own.

The only catch to that is they’d ask themselves the questions 1-3 above. And if there are favorable answers they’ll do it and finish it maybe. That right there is your best bet in my opinion. If you know an animator or one comes here wanting to do the entire thing, great.

But certainly don’t hold your breath. That rarely happens too.

And the reasons is because people that put that kind of work into a production are usually very picky about what they do.

So don’t beat your self up or be mad or anything. Just re-evaluate your plans. But be realistic.

Again just try and think with the things that are successful that you do. And repeat.

And don’t kill the messenger! You said you wanted to know.

And that is the answer.

Okay. That is understood.

(sigh)…I hate my insanity :(.

Well. I may try to do a small short thing on my own instead (I already told them no ones gonna do it on their forum anyways.)

Okay thanks.

Well hey if you understood all that and can assimilate the information you are doing well. So that ain’t bad.

The intention is not to stop you so much as it is to simply get you going in the right direction.

To me, getting stuff done is far more satisfying than the frustration of beating ones head against the wall with an unworkable plan.

Whatever you do…

Good luck!

Okay then.

Good luck TWS admin - I’d love to help, but I am a bit too tied up.


Remember that limits are a breeding ground for creativity- instead of trying to accumulate crazy resources, try to come up with something simple yet fun, good, cool, whatever. I can think of several cool animations that just involve one character in one environment.

Very well put.