Calling Belgian Blender users: meeting.

First, to be clear, I am just testing the waters, nothing has been planned yet.

Living in Antwerp, Belgium, I was wondering if there were enough interest from Belgian Blender users, to set up some kind of ‘meeting’ somewhere. Blender users could bring their machines and/or blend files and share smalltalk, experiences, techniques and such and such Blender adventures. Some weekend day perhaps / kind of low profile (not with an all too big agenda)? I myself would consider it a very welcome concept to play with, having wanted to meet fellow Blenderers for a long time.

So, could I arouse any one’s interest?

appears there’s a limited number of personal in Belgium - must be too close to the Neatherlands for most blenderhead to venture such a connection (-;

Antwerp IS close to the Netherlands, I live near it as well. If you could find enough people, I’d come over. I wouldn’t be bringing my own pc though, I’d just carry a memory stick with some stuff at most. The distance is most certainly doable.

I guess the meeting will be small.

For me its not too far, so eventualy…

why not in ghent :wink:

if there is going to be a meeting somewhere in belgium, i’m interested.

I guess the meeting will have more people then.

to me gent or antwerpen don’t really matter all to much, except for antwerpen being closer by and all. if there’s some more people and some computers to work on, I think I’d like to come over as well. My brother had a meeting with his gameclan a while back, it was about 6-12 people. apparently, it rocked… doesn’t need to be a lot of people, but I do not intend to drag my pc around. my spare wacom at most…

Is there anybody who’s going to the peach premier in march?
I’ll probably be there.
Amsterdam is not that far from belgium éh :slight_smile:

yes with the exception that I am living in California, Los Angeles. That makes it a bit far for meeting. However we can already exchange ideas and material across the web…

I’ll skip this one - bad timing.

Ghent or Antwerp it’s all the same, a go pass is 4,1€ the trip so it doesn’t matter…
It would be good to have enricoeric even tough he’s from Liège or something.

I suppose the more people then the betterer.