Calling c routine

Can a Python script in Blender 2.34’s realtime-engine call a C routine in any way?

If so, will someine provide a simple example or a link to a tutorial showing how to do this?


you mean like start another .exe file that isent made in blender?
if so, you have to use python and use the module os, i think the command was os.startfile(“the_file_to_start”)

not really. I mean like sending arguments into a c funcion and letting the c function return a value.

If you mean calling C-function from Python, you should read Python documentation: Extending and Embedding -> Extending Python with C or C++. There is described how to create C/C++ module accessible from Python scripts.

Also check out boost and swig, they are tools to help make using c++ in python and the reverse easier:

(Actually swig supports many more languages than python)

Actually many of the python functions call c++ functions inside the blender source code, without this functionality we wouldnt even have python scripting.