Calling Curve Shrink/Fatten?

In 2.57 and 2.58, I’m trying to find the Python command for Shrink/Fatten that would work on curve control points, shrinking and fattening the beveled volume around the point. I need this to create a shortcut. I have tried ‘transform.shrink_fatten’ and 'transform.transform(mode=CURVE_SHRINKFATTEN), as well as other variations, to no avail.

It’s strange because there is the Shrink/Fatten button in the Toolshelf, but the Search doesn’t bring up the command. It seems autocompletion in the Console doesn’t bring up the right command either.

Bump… Somebody has to know this. I don’t think I’ve discovered a bug as the Toolshelf button does work. It’s just difficult to use if your 3D View fills the window all the way to the left of the screen and you don’t have much space to drag the mouse in that direction. If you know the right Python call that would work in a shortcut, please post.

doesn’t Alt+S in viewport work for you? you can even use proportional editing to some extent -doesn’t do the falloff here- in python you can set the point radius or call the transform operator, haven’t tried this last one but did a script that works with the radius…

Thanks, liero, you pointed me in the right direction. There is a bug, related to how keyboard shortcuts are managed, not the Python call.

I have three shortcut sets: Blender (Default) and Maya that come with the package, and my own BlenderModified. In the latter I haven’t changed any settings relating to the S key, as I don’t like to mistakenly save work (Ctrl-S). And yet, Alt-S, instead of shrinking the control point, would scale it.

After battling with a lot of weirdness, here’s how I resolved the problem:

  • Launch Blender, this loads up BlenderModified from the startup file
  • Create a curve, bevel it, select one point, use Alt-S to confirm it scales rather than shrinks
  • Switch to Blender (Default), use Alt-S to confirm it shrinks
  • Change the shortcut to Shift-Ctrl-Alt-S, confirm it still shrinks
  • Change it back to Alt-S, and switch to BlenderModified - it shrinks!
  • Save the preferences