Calling Eeshlo

Hey I was wondering if you could tell me what compiler you use to compile extension DLL’s for python in win32. I have tried lcc-32, and now borlands c++ CLI tools and the linker dosn’t understand libraries with symbol tables in COFF format. There is a tool to convert the symbol tables in the library to Intels OMF format, but I havn’t gotten it working yet and was thinking it might be easier to just use a compiler that will work ‘out of the box (besides, I don’t know if blenders python intepreter would import a library that had a symbol table in that format.)’ Any suggestions?

Besides MSVC++ (which I have never used) I don’t know any compiler which will work ‘out of the box’ and even that might need to be setup for extension programming, I don’t know…
I use both lcc-win32 for simple projects (and also creates smaller DLL’s) like the noise module, and for bigger projects that need better error handling or creating new python objects (like the collision module or the tiff converter) I use Borland command line tools.
It probably is best to stick with BCC. See this site which is all about extension programming with BCC:

LCC is more problematic, you have to convert the python20.lib to a format LCC will understand (‘import foreign library’ in the ‘utils’ menu), and besides some things I never got to work properly, although it probably is possible if you know what you are doing, which I don’t, but like I said, in that case I use BCC.

tiff converter?

i’m using actions and batch processing in photoshop to make my BMRT renders into something usable (.TGA), but it’s a little clumsy.

am i to believe that you’ve written some kind of self-contained tiff convert-o-matic device?

this would be very useful to me, and all the other people using Green’s Blenderman i suspect.


The tiff converter is already distibuted with Blenderman (totiff.dll or, it is just not used yet in the script, well it is, but not correctly yet, I’m sure Green will update that eventually…

Reading your post a second time I think I misunderstood it, the totiff module is used for converting textures TO tiff format, not FROM.
Since there are so many converters out there allready to do the sort of thing you want to do (I use IrfanView for instance) I don’t see the point of creating a another one really…


Thanks for the link, that should be exactly what I needed. For some reason I didn’t find info like that when searching google, but then again I didn’t have time to sit down and really hunt. Thanks a bunch!