Calling for a shark.

I have built a scene, complete with a mashed up surfboard and an ocean surface. all it needs is a shark. Does anyone want to make a shark?
the blend file:
I’m not going to sell the final result, just interested in what the results might be

Of course I could make the shark myself as well, but then I can’t say I worked with anyone else to make the image.


Yeah Shark!!

are you going to texture it too? :smiley:

look at sharkey… hes so happy :smiley: and yeah… ill get around to texturing it

Rainbow sharkey is pretty jolly!

Got a little carried away… so there are a few added elements you could use… :smiley:

Looking good!
Ill try to fix up some some of the environment materials tomorrow

here lies the 13mb shark file partially rigged \o/

Changed the sharks disposition, threw him on a curve, and submerged him!
what a lucky fish :slight_smile:


I worked on the water surface a bit, and also faked some volumetrics with the z-buffer.
updated: shark_003


Lumpycow, I added some red.
let me know if you want the latest file


I want the latest file :stuck_out_tongue:

You think the broken surfboard is hurting the composition?