Calling Paradox

(fullback) #1

Last week, before everything went to hell, I thought I remembered you talking about Jeremy Birns’ book, “Digital Lighting and Rendering”. Just wondering if you think it would be a good investment.

(SatoriGFX) #2

I have this book. It’s excellent. It has great information about lights, shadows, materials, compositing, composition etc…

It is one of the most highly recommended books. In my travels around the net, Jeremy and his book are both highly respected.

My next purchase is “Digital Texturing & Painting”.


(paradox) #3

Yes I agree this is a definite recommend book. I’m not only learning about light and rendering but by applying what I’m learning to Blender I find my work getting better and my understanding of Blender and how it works getting better.


(fullback) #4

Thanks you guys. It looked like it would help a lot—Birns seems like a pretty amazing guy.