Calling python functions from different objects???


How do I call functions that one object has running in a script from another object in the bge? I have had a look through the python API and cant see any function to call on the KX_GameObject that will allow me to access scripts functions. Is this even possible in the ge? I would have thought it would be possible, but maybe I’m a bit confused as to how the game engine handles objects with scripts attached to them.

Any tips for this? Or another way of doing it?


  1. Turn your script into a module (add the .py extension)
  2. Import the module “import moduleName”
  3. use the function “moduleName.function(dep)”

also possible:

  • attach a script or module to an object and a message sensor. Send a message to that object, this will activate the sensor to call the method.


  • attach a property sensor to an object and change this property from an another object. the sensor will call the method.

Cheers guys. This is exactly what I was looking for. I’m really beginning to see how powerful python is when it’s tied into the game engine.