"Calvin and Hobbes" in Blender

My first post here was my character animation test on Calvin character from “Calvin and Hobbes”, I really love this cartoon! And I love character animation too… so I decide to study over this character, but i don’t have much free time to play with this.
But I fix my OLD version:


Into this NEW one:


The facial animation and design needs to be improved yet… but I think I’m on the way! Here is the hand rig of Calvin.


I decide to post here for your feedback. I need your help to continue with the idea to animate a short history from this amazing creation of Bill Watterson: Calvin and Hobbes.

that’s really cool ! ! !

Dude, that’s fantastic. I’m a huge Calvin and Hobbes fan. The only feedback a the moment is that the chest area seems to squash a lot as he walks, though that seems to be largely fixed in the second video. Can’t wait to see Hobbes!

Edit: I’d love to see one of those frames where Calvin and Hobbes are carreering down a hill on a wagon, with the two freeze framed in the air as they go over a bump.

Heheheh! I like this frame too! It’s very expressive! And funny! But it make hard to put it on 3d character… so, I will try in future.

That is really cool, I can’t see anything to crit about it given the style you have going. (ok, so I watched it a few more times, the shirt strips are a little to active and slinky like, ether putting folds in the fabric or making them just not wobble so much would help.) I’d really like to see another face expression with the white part of the eyes, and a wire.

This reminds me, I while back I made the spaceman spiff spaceship, well most of it, never got around to detailing in things like the control panels, landing gear, and afterburners. (ok, all the difficult parts, but it was one of my first attempts at modeling something not purely from my head.) But besides those things in its current state and with relatively little adjustment (mostly just materials) it would match the style you have here really well. I can see that your WAY better then I am but if you want me to clean it up and send it to you I’d be more then happy do so. (As a bonus I think the file has a generic enemy ship that I had just started.) I don’t know what you’re planing for a short but I thought I’d offer it.

I will be glad!
For now I trying to fix Calvin Rig to reach most of his movements… then I will model the Hobbes. I want to make all characters… But for now I will study just with Calvin and Hobbes.

I love the animation! The model doesn’t seem quite the same as Bill Watterson’s style, though.

I agree with you… 2d cartoon never be replaced by 3d style in my opinion… It’s hard to copy exactly… i think it’s impossible… for me, i’m telling…
But take a look at this comparsion:
without expressions yet…