Calvin & Hobbes: the big bang

must be very willing to come back now :smiley:
Very cool idea!

Great technique! Not a fan of the message, but I don’t think any Christian would be… :stuck_out_tongue: It is funny tho :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s so cool. It’s my favourite comic strip, I always look forward to reading it in the daily paper.

My goodness, this is really creative. I wonder if this could become the future of comics because I think kids would really love something like this.

Wow, awesome. I want to create a comic like this of my own

your first one was better… not to say this one is not good, its amazing, but this one feels a lot more like its made in 3D. it took me a VERY long time to figure out your first one, but this one its obvious.

good work though! really creative.

For some reason, this is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

I second eyalmu!

I loved the first one and this a really great too. Great technique.

Wow, this is so cool. Kudos for the idea and for chosing Calvin and Hobbes

I used your technique to try for a cartoony look in cycles using fairly simple nodes


can we see a solid? i think i know what it looks like, but im just wondering if there is any secret hidden gems anywhere :slight_smile:

I really like this! You should consider contacting the C&H author. Who knows, it might spark some type of collaboration, etc.

Thanks mate! I used the grab brush in sculpt mode to get the line curve which would be quite handle for me to control the thickness. I’ll test this later in Sketchfab and thanks for all your suggestion!

this is sooooooooooooooooooooo awesome!!! :smiley:

That was totally awesome. Somewhat pointless… but awesome.

One of the most impressive things I’ve seen recently! Very very cool! This is probably pretty cool in VR.

For those who have asked, in sketchfab, you can click on the setting and pick on “Shadeless” and below you can set a wire color. I find that exposes the true nature of the full technique. It’s particularly genius when you realize how it was actually done.

Thanks again for such a great treat!

This is so cool and very engaging! I’m excited to see more from you. :smiley:

wow! I didn’t expect so much feedback, thank you so much guys :o

@FinalBarrage Here’s some solid views (you can also see solid/wire on sketchfab ^^ )

@Fatesailor: I would gladly make a tutorial, I’ll try to find the time to do that :slight_smile:


i kinda ment a solid of the whole scene but sure thanks :slight_smile:

edit: ty :slight_smile: