Calvin Klein Watch

Hi everyone, this is just a simple watch that I have been working on lately.
Even though it looks fairly simple, I have worked hard to get it as close to
the original as possible with quite good result.

Rendered with Cycles
Vertexcount with Subsurf Modifier: ca 70.000

(new) Screenshot:


Original image:


That’s a good looking watch!

I think the model is good but it needs something to reflect on the “shadow side” because the solid black part looks unnatural.

Well thank you!

You are absolutley right about that. Though I think this is due to some issue with the cycles render engine. Since, when i preview the scene in the 3d-view it looks perfectly lit. I hope I can post a screenshot tomorrow :slight_smile:

The metal lighting and material is dead on, very nice work on that. The watch face threw me off though, at first glance it looked like just a good texture. It seems shallower than the actual watch you posted up.

Good eye you have got there! I increased the depth to the watch face in the picture below so I hope it looks better. :eyebrowlift:

And Magnush, this is a screenshot of the exact same scene where you can see that the dark side is actually supposed to be the brightest side. Wonder why? :confused:

Wow… now it looks more realistic …

Thats more like it! Strange about the preview working but not the render, from what I understand its preformed the exact same way (Preview/Render). Any way, it looks great and lets hope they fix that bug for the next update of Blender.

Thank you! Glad you like it :slight_smile:

Yes it seems very odd, it might be because I have an older version of the cycles build and that this problem is sovled in newer versions?

Calvin Klein products are the best and also I think that these watches are really good.