Hey guys!
This is my latest work done in blender, for
made in about 9 hours, could be a lot faster now that I have a better idea on what to do and what to not do
Timelapse is coming soon if you’re interested

Is this thing supposed to be a puppet or a real creature?

If the latter, then work on the eyes, the lack of a reflective cornea for starters (and the burnout) is making them look like plastic. Also consider the fact that it might not be able to eat well with a giant protrusion in front of the mouth. That would be followed by the fact that it might need more SSS in general.

If it’s a puppet though, then it seems fine the way it is.

I actually didn’t have anything in mind except “make it look good”, not “make it photorealistic”, I broke a lot of rules there. I tried SSS but it made the surface look a little soft if you know what I mean, I was going for a “rocky” skin. there are a lot of things off, especailly the texture that could need more work, but I can’t work further on it ATM :slight_smile:
oh, also, about the anatomy, it’s true that the giant “protrusion” (I didn’t know it’s called this btw) would make it difficult to eat, but the design isn’t mine. Maybe it eats fishes? :wink: