Cam anyone tell me how to make 2player split screen

look at the demo .blend file

you use python to setup another viewport
[hell, check the release notes even]

Not everyone here is a python expert like you and so many others. I read all the release notes and some of them just did not make sense to the people that are not programmers first and foremost. In other word some people here are game makers and budding 3d artist and animators.
We need step by step instructions with screen shots not techical/programming details of implementation.

There’s a sticky at the top of the Game Engine section about the new features in 2.41. One of the first posts is a zip file of sample .blends. One of those blends is a split screen sample. If you dig around that .blend you’ll see how they set it up: a couple of cameras and some very short python scripts. I’m no Python programmer, but from what I saw it didn’t look too difficult to figure out and adapt to whatever you might need.

If you figure it out before me, be sure to post it here :wink:

Edit: here’s the link:

As for two players, AFAIK this is accomplished by just moving your characters with two sets of key assignments (unless you’re talking about over a network, which is beyond my help). There are a couple of sample .blends of this lurking this forum, if I find it I’ll post a link to it.

bigkahuna. This response is not a slight against you. But it does highlight something that I have been saying about blender for years. People that might want to use this program should not have to “just figure it out”

Back in 1999 when I first heard of blender I downloaded it,installed it and ran it for the first time. The user interface and the menus were so strange as compared to other windows program( not even 3d programs just general windows programs) that I put it shut it down an put it away for 6 months.

My point is that blender and the python plugin coders and the C/C++ coders have given the open source community a GREAT program. But the lack of GOOD and WELL WRITTEN Documentation and tutorials is the only bad point I have with the blender universe. I fire it up every day not. but it took me over a year before I felt about it as I do not and I can imagine a new person with LOT less stubborness than I have just dropping it and going away as I almost did.

In other words if a person installs a new version with new features or downloads a python plugin, he/she should not have to “just figure it out” I know everyone involved in blender is a volunteer and not getting paid. I answer questions both here on on the irc channels as I find things that I know the answer to. But in the last month I have posted and personally pm two authors of plugins asking question on what certain buttons or sliders do in the scripts and I have gotten the response. “I am not bothering with that script anymore,just read the code and figure it out” So you can imagine my frustration.

Think how that type of response would be to a person that had only been using blender for a couple of months.

No offense taken Shaba. I would have written a more explicit response if I had the skills and time to do so. I probably shouldn’t have even posted since what I did post probably didn’t answer all his questions, but it seemed to me that there was some miscommunication going on and thought I might try to clear it up. If my post didn’t do this, I appologize.

FYI, my story with Blender is very similar to yours and like you, although it’s been over a year since I first started playing with Blender I still don’t consider myself any sort of guru at it.

I don’t think there’s anyone to blame for the admittedly disorganized and poor set of documentation that currently exists for Blender. Everything we see and use here has been donated without charge or compensation by people with alot more generosity than I find elsewhere in the world. I think it would be a great idea if the people who mold Blender’s future assembled a group of document writers to equal the wealth of skilled programmers that make this program a reality. But until then, folks like you and me will have to just “figure it out” and depend on the generosity of those who know more than we to give us a hand.

Thanks guys I just figured it out

I want it to rotate so it faces the exact direction that I tell it to go with
using the keyboard and with the axis of my joystick for example I press left it start walking to left and faces that direction and then if I press right it rotate the most narrow path to face that direction

any help would be apriciated

thanks in advance