Cam problem

(Klein) #1

I have an problem!
I making an car racing game.
The camera that chases the car has an camera actuator.
The terrain has mountains so every time the car climbs on an mountain the camera goes below the car.
Is it possible to make the camera to go NOT below the car when climbig the mountains?(I dont want to make the cam child of the car)
I would thank for all answers

(Jamesk) #2

Without having tested it… but, adding a location constraint should help. The camera uses a ‘copy location’ but with X and Y switched off. Could work, yes?

(kos) #3

why not make the car parent of the camera???are you ill?

(Klein) #4

First to the first reply.
I have tried it with a CONSTRAINT but then the cam dont move.
The idea was not bad but it dont work.
now to the second reply.
Why u think that i’m ill? i dont want the cam to be child of the car because then the cam is precise and dont move if i make the cam with an actuator the cam is flexible and move around like when im driving a curve the cam let the car rotate a bit and then rotates itselfs or when im driving backward the cam goes to the front of the car and films the car from the front!

(kos) #5

the thing you want to do is pretty hard.and also you will find problems to ride the car if the camera always will have to adjust the up arrows and down arrows very frequently and a bit crazily if you want the car to be in the right track back…and if it is a race then god help may check out this kind of camera actions in some new racing games…i forgot the will certainly find difficulties.good luck!! :wink:

(pamtango) #6

Use Contraints on the camera to track your object - enter the name of the object you want to track to, ie focus on.
Make a curve path for the camera, perhaps the same one or a copy of the one you use for the car - make sure to make the camera a child of the path.
If you want, you can vary viewpoints by keyframing the camera’s location away from the curve.
This way you can track to your car AND follow where it goes AND vary your viewpoint. You can also keyframe the length of your lens, to give zoom and pull back effects.
Of course, I have only done this for animations and not for games, so some part of this solution may not work.
:smiley: Hope it works for you,