Cam tracker P1 and P2

Ill try to be fast this time on this introduction thing because in the most cases Im not and I think youll be bored when youll finish intro… so…

I have just watched Andrew`s Tutorial about cam tracking and I was kind of inspired and that day I was feeling like pro cinema guy or anyways…the point is that I have filmed in all my house trying to find the right spot for some tracking and I ended up here.

Part 1:

I was quite happy with my test here… so I tried to make something more like in the tutorial…

Part 2:

PS: I know I wrote that word wrong.

Very nice. I really need to do that tutorial, its just so long.

My only critique is the text such as credits and start is so much longer then the video. You should shorten those parts.

I’d like to see more of the cat from the 2nd one. It looks very cute.

But yeah, you got a good looking hole there :wink:

yeah thats my cat ^^ Im very proud, she wasn`t even scared of that big hole which was right next to she…:smiley: