Camanchango Film.

I hope you like it.

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Some images about the workflow of the film.


Very nice. good story. good animation.

That story was executed perfectly. The best thing is that the story alone kept the viewer interested in the entire film. The music was great and I wonder if this will be a start of a series of short stories.

Beautiful. I really liked the characters movements, with a lot of natural poses. You can post your production line? Which parts of the animation was done in Blender?

Thanks for all your words, guys. I´ll be happy to post images about the production line of the film… but I´m new in this “fomun post thing”
I´ll try to upload some images…I hope it works!

that was deep. Sadly one doesn’t get to see work in this quality on the forum everyday. At least in the animation section. solid story, very suitable music (Leeran Z. Raphaely did an awesome job again) and a peace that is actually finished!

As you watch this film you can feel the planning and the development of the story, the characters and well crafted things like mattepaints, the models and of course the well done animation.

One thing I personally would have wished for a film like this (As the Icing on the cake) would be that instead of subtitles
you could have invest a little in a professional Speaker that narrates the story in the Background.

Maybe an old man with a fitting voice…

As inspiration heres a Site where you can hire those people for a good price:

Thanks for your words, all the film was done in Blender 2.6.1, Matte paintings in photoshop. And the fog en After Effects.

I hope so!

one can trust in his talent always, is an amazing composer!

I couldnt never find a nice fitting voice on my own, thanks for the link!

This is a beautiful story. The music was fantastic and it was well designed. The framing was very picturesque.

The biggest improvement I think could be made is in the character models, particularly the faces. For instance the inner corner of the eyes on the characters goes very deep into the skull, and it looks a little unnatural. So improving the quality of the character designs would really improve this, but that can be a tough area and you did a really good job overall. I like the little girl’s hat and the all the outfit designs and the accessories. Those were nice details. Great show.

I’d like to see more from this world definitely. I’d also like to see a movie just about their time trapped on that mountain. If they were there for a long time I bet they would have gotten to bickering. But that’d be a much more fun and humorous tone, totally different mood from what you’ve done here. Awesome work.

wow, beautiful lightning! awesome story and great way to tell it, it doesnt always have to be all complicated and full of details and objects… hope to see more!


Its a shame! why it has only so little views! strange!

I think I can answer that, 3D. Not a lot of people watch any Blender animations on Vimeo. Most people would post it on YouTube, but not everyone has a account there.

I agree XeroShadow, but even on vimeo a film like this should be able to reach more people… I suggest Felipe Cea aswell to upload it on Youtube!

I´ll do it right now :wink:

I asked as well to some Vimeo channels. I hope they answer soon. (let´s go for a “Vimeo´s staff pick”!!!)

tomorrow Camanchango in news!

thanks for all support guys!

youtube link. :slight_smile:

The photoshop backgrounds fits perfectly, but limit the camera movement a bit, isn’t? Larger scenery could solve that.
PD: Illimani… como la montaña de La Paz, en Bolivia? Sos de por ahí? Perú, Chile, Argentina quizá?