Camara Problem

i am made a castle, but i cant seen to get used to the camera… i have no idea how to control the thing :frowning: could somone help me?

btw i want the camrea to show from above my castle.

Just select the camera with right oouse button click and then you can move it, rotate it, etc., the same as you would anything else.


Press Numpad 0 for the camera view. Then press shift_F in object mode. LMB and MMB sooms the camera in and out.

how do i get out of camera veiw?


another trick: navigate to the desired viewpoint in a regular 3D view (using rotate, pan, zoom) and then hit SHIFT+0 (numpad-zero). this will match the camera position/orientation to the current 3d-view. before rendering, select the camera and hit I >> LocRot (this will make a keyframe for the position/orientation, otherwise when rendering the camera will stay in it’s old position - yes, seems to be a bug)


solmax: sounds like you already have an animation for the camera - it you have an anim then unless you add a keyframe then the object goes back to where it is in the anim when you render or change frames…

no, i have no animation set up. just a single keyframe at frame 1. for some reason shift+0 isn’t treated as move/rotate (which would automatically update the camera IPO). so i consider that a small bug.

Ah, I see what the problem is, and yes it is a bug.
You evidently have automatic keyframing on, and Shift+NUM0 doesn’t add a keyframe.

“A single keyframe at frame 1” still counts as an animation. No keyframes at all counts as no animation.
In the User Prefs in the Edit Methods tab you can turn on automatic keyframing, so that whenever you move/etc an object it adds a keyframe (a-la IKEY) automatically.

yes sure, i know. i have auto-keyframing on. should post this in the bugtracker.