camaro 2011 - my first project of this much polys

i am learning blender as a hobbyy for the past 5 months. and this is my second attempt in modelling a car. it is around 50000 faces. may be a low poly at sub surf level 2. but its big for me.
i ve uploaded my wip.

i would be glad to see some thumbs up sign.

is no one interested in my work?

Its actually great for a person who started blender so short ago, or even an experienced one. As for me, I’ve had it and been practicing for two years already, and I still can’t do that.:frowning:

thanks for your reply

are you using blender commercially?

no worries god is with you

i am fearing of topology

how is my topology in the model…

The topology looks clean and organized.:slight_smile:

i have tried to render the scene like this in cycles with no materials.

but it shows up something unusual like this

Did you model the car in separate pieces?

It looks like your normals are reversed on some parts

Re-calculate you’re normals, it should look fine then… i think


yes i modelled them in separate pieces.

i found the reason.

it is because i accidentally turned off the camera icon in the outliner.

any way thanks for your response.

is modelling it in separate pieces a good idea?
is it affecting the topology.

i have seen many experts modelling the car in a single piece.

tried a sample rendering in cycles

Modeling a car in separate pieces has it’s pros and cons just like any other method. It can be easier to modify one piece of the car without affecting the topology of the rest, for example. Cons would be that you can accidentally hide the pieces from the render, like you did. It can also be tedious to apply the same material to the all of the pieces.