Camaro 4th Gen WIP

I started modeling a 4th-generation Chevy Camaro. It’ll end up as a convertible 1997 30th Anniversary SS, but for now I’m just trying to get the body shape correct for shrinkwrapping the panels later. It’s trickier than I thought, and it’s hard to find quality technical drawings so I’m mostly using photographs. For whatever reason, there seem to be a lot more technical drawings for every other generation of Camaro except 4th:

I also modeled the rim/tire:

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body refinements; darker shader to look for unevenness:

started blocking out interior:


Getting back to this project after a while - started blocking out the rear suspension and drivetrain

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More work on the rear end; modeled the differential, driveshaft, and torque arm.


Worked on rear sway bar links, refined shock absorbers and rear axle, and modeled control arms:

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It’s moving slowly, but I got tired of the rear suspension and started working on the engine a bit.

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More work on the LT1 engine - more detail on block, cylinder heads, valve covers, water pump, blocked in manifold.

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Worked on alternator, optispark distributor, tensioner pulley, and crankshaft pulley. did a quick material test because I was tired of plain white. Still tons to do!

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I haven’t worked on this lately, but I did add the power steering pulley and AC compressor, as well as working on the exhaust manifolds a bit and starting to model the intake manifold. Back to plain materials for now (with some edge effects so it’s not completely white).

Needed a break from the engine; started to work on interior a little.