Camaro rendering with blender Internal

Hello peoplez

let me show you my newest render with blender
it almost took me 15 mins to render in high quality
have done some Color corrections with photoshop

Anyways here is the picture

inside view in blender (sorry but the camera view has changed after rendering)

To be honest
i’m Amazed with what i’ve done with blender, its so real so powerful the internal render Engine
just needs some patience and you can Do it

Anyways , new works are coming soon
see ya


I really like this…Could you share your lighting setup?

Wow, that is amazing photorealism. I’m impressed you did this with the blender internal engine.

This looks amazing. Was there any benefit to using BI instead of cycles for this?

I am really impressed with the result you achieved in BI!

Great job, KingofSpeed! Your modeling and materials look very good! The lighting and post-pro show off the car nicely, as well.

And I’m glad to see you’ve used Blender Internal. It’s still a very capable render engine, and can deliver great results. It just requires patience to learn how to use it well (as most things do).

Fantastic work!

Looks really nice! do you have any other angles? This one makes me want to see more:)

thank you sir, here something that might help

Used Environment light + two Spot lamps
anything else needed ? tell me

thank you ^^
sure the BI is powerfull

i don’t feel comfortable with cycles, its just kinda messed up stuff
BI lets me do whatever i want freely
anyways thanks for your reply

thanks sir ^^

as you said, it needs patience and practice aswell
thanks for your comment

thank you

here is something you might Enjoy :stuck_out_tongue:

Soo Beautifull!!!

Awesome! Great modeling and lighting! Black borders make it look like a movie shot. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah the good ol’ BI
Great renders!

Thank you everyone

AWESOME man…! Iam working on the same car, now modeling it :wink:

AWESOME man…! Iam working on the same car, for now modeling it;)

Very nice render. And only 15 minutes. Wow. (With cycles I am used to render a lot longer!:P)

outstanding work. Being able to do this in BI in that amount of time is awesome.

Thanks every one ^^
glad you liked it

Hello there mate i am working on a car racing movie that will be made in blender.It will be 3-5 mins long and i want to use internal render cos of your render.Its only 15 mins to get this resoult.Can u give me some kind of tutorial that i can check to get this kind of render cos in ccles i need like 1h or more to get this kind of render.Ty

hi @KingofSpeed
i like your render its very good
can you create video tutorial about this render plz?

Very good render indeed! I’m trying to model a car and I’m sure I could do with advice from you when it’s time to render!