After starting this car and thinking I’d picked something not done by too many people I suddenly found that a few people had already had a go. But hey more the merrier!

Note: The wheels are NOT made by me they are made by Cinder1 as well as the scene its rendered in. (I’m useless when it comes to lighting set ups, any one know any good tutorials to ease me in?)

Here’s where I’m up to so far after a few restarts.

Comments & Crits really needed! Don’t be soft!

Still to do:
Front, Rear and Fog Lights (Started on front lights)
Finish off the back
Split into separate panels like doors etc.
Create Tyres & Alloys
My own Scene and Lighting setup


I modelled that too.
Gotta say you really modelled a few parts well. It will look really real once you finish it.
I have some doubts about the edge around the headlights ( right above the fog lamps.
it is supposed to be sharp. Yours curves in as it goes from vertical to horizontal.
Looks good anyway. Need any help on tyres than i am willing to help.
I’m no expert, maybe more of a noob than you, but pretty good at tyres.
Now i gotta download that file.

Looking good man. This car is my ultimate dream car but I can’t afford it yet;)
Can we see some wires?

Please post here any good tuts in rendering/lighting if you find them
I also badly need some

Wires as requested.

GodOfBigThings thanks for pointing that out. I’ll take a look at it. I think I know where abouts you said and I’ll have a go at fixing it soon.


that is good as shit! :yes::o:D

by the way it was josh who is not a member, not gilbz who wrote that lol

looks good, but is it just me or does the back look kinda shorter than the real thing.