camer movement

i have been having a hard time… i want to make a camera for a racing style game… the issue is in a normal 3rd person racing game when the car turns the camera dose not mover directly with the car. it moves after the car exposing the side of the car on its way around. i cannot make this happen. is there any way to make a camera in bge do this?

the picture i attached is what would like the game to look like mid turn (this is just an example not the actual game i am working on)


Cameras setup is a “hard thing”…many times they’re the “heart of the game”…
Try to use a “Slow Vertex Parent” camera, instead of the Actuator one?!

how would i do that?

Sorry, no need to “Vertex Parent”…just place the camera in the “good” position, parent it to the car object, then, select the camera only, and in the “Object window” ( F7), in the “Anim Settings Panel” enable the “Slow Parent” button and “play” with the “TimeOffset:” value ( 100?)

thanx dude it works great

slow parent cameras are fun, you can also change the ob.timeOffset value in python if you want your camera to lag more or less depending on the situation.