Camer Tracker - presets files

Hi guys,

Everyone knows about the camera tracker that is being implemented, and those who have used it will notice the presets, for the different cameras that are available, i was thinking wouldnt it be a good idea if we used this forum to accumulate a list of other preset settings, particularly for the not so regular cameras.

Then at some stage make them all availlble as a download, or to the developers for inclusion.

So for those people who have a camera that is not in the presets currently and have worked out the correct settingplease post your python code here.
an eg of a preset file is as follows


import bpy = 27.9


Sounds like a decent idea, but being a python virgin, I wouldn’t know what the code is. But at least posting the settings here could be useful. I’m still messing with old footage, but will post back once I’ve tried my new camera and worked out the settings.

Good idea, but I don’t know what my old camera’s sensor width is. What is sensor width? Here is my camera’s specs:

Click here.

Look in the camera specifications and it gives the image sensor type. Then look here for the corresponding sensor size. In your case the width is 5.76mm

Thanks Richard. :yes:

It would seem that the most troublesome sizes are those of phone cameras. And I think that more people will play with tracking Phone Phootage :wink: than anything else. An automated solver would be great for those weirdo sensor sizes, but this initiative is welcome too.