Camera Actuator

I’m using 2.49a, and have found it much much nicer than previous versions. Hence why I’m coding again.

The built in Camera actuator is displaying the behaviour I want, all except for one thing:

It follows an object, and when that object turns, it moves around to get back behind it. Unfortunately, it moves far, far too slowly. I can’t find any value in the logic brick or the python API that controls this. I really hope it exists, because this is such a daft thing to omit.

Is there any way to control this setting?

The answer to your problem is a simple one, the camera actuator sucks. Instead,pearent the camera to your player, then go into the object panel and click on slow pearant. Then set the delay to somthing like 10. If I have t explained this properly then I’ll try a d explain it better.

Good luck with your game

Really disappointed to hear that - it seemed to be working perfectly all except for that one little issue.

As for slow parenting, I had tried that already. It works fine in Blender (ie, while animating) but in the BGE I give the player a slight turn, and the camera massively overreacts and just keeps spinning round.

Is this a bug or am I doing something stupid?

EDIT: Obviously the latter. Still don’t know what was going on, but tried again with a new camera and it seems to work.