camera and lights off track??

stupid question

I know how to parent a camera to a circular path and track it to an object in the center of the path. the camera obits the object keeping the object in view of the camera. The lights are stationary.

What i want to do is have the lights some how parented to the camera and have both lights and camera obit the object.

first i am parenting the camera to the path then tracking the camera to the object. remove the orgin for the camera. camera obits with no problem

when i parent the camera and light s the camera is no longer tracking the object

how do i solve this

Make the Lamp a Child of the Camera; select the lamp first, then the camera and Ctrl-P.


Thanx Fligh %

I have the camera and lights parented.

next problem when i press Ctr-A the camera obits object but it also moves towards the center where object is until its inside the object. the path is a circle with the object at the center. the distance between the camera and the lights never changes but the camera moves away from the path???