Camera And some questions?


  1. Can someone kindly tell me how do I make the camera always look at an object(empty), no matter where I move the camera?
  2. Is there any ways to make the HUD images look like images? It looks blurry. Any idea to make it clear like original image.
  3. Is there any way to make an object invisible if it is not inside camera? Will an invisible object speed up the the engine performance?

Thanks in advance

  1. Use ‘track to’ actuator
  2. Hud appear blurry? Maybe resolution of ur image is too small.
  3. Making an object outside the camera invisible will have no effect since blender already has viewfrustum culling implented which does the same job. For speeding up bge, break ur big level into part so that they can be occluded.
  1. i doubt the mipmapping issues.

  2. also 2.5 bge doesn’t render the objects outside the camera view afaik.:smiley:

btw long time no see on BA?:stuck_out_tongue:

When I use track to, since camera is a child of another empty, it only tracks its parent empty, not that empty which I want it to track. Anyway I will sort it out. Thanks for reply.

Mipmap, ok lets think about it later. It is not the main issue right now ;).
Just busy practicing PS to solve texture problems :eyebrowlift:.
Thanks for reply