Camera Angle

is there a way to show the angle that a camera covers a little bit like a spot light?
i know that you can use the Ctrl 0 to see what the camera sees but it would be nice to see the limit directly in viewport !


simple enough to throw a cube out there, match it size to the passpartout, then parent to camera. scale down the near verts to 0 and move them to camera spot. Also enable show limits in camera properties.

Just scale the camera as you would any object. The camera origin remains unmoved but the camera “cone” will cover the scene objects. The camera cone angle represents the “lens” value in the camera panel.

for the scale - it does mater what scale you change the camera it does not affect the angle!

the limit does show ehere it is pointing at which in my casse is en empty
so i already know this information whitout the limit set

the cube thing seems to be a new thing - never heard about that one before

is it possible to have a file demonstrating this cube transformed into a cone
seems to be interesting and might do it !
but does it change with the angle of the camera or is it fixed and need to be readjusted for each time the angle of the camera chenge?