Camera "apply" Track to constraint


I have an animation where a camera is following an moving object with the track to constraint.
But at an specific frame (lets say frame 100) I want that the camera stops tracking the object and keeps the view orientation as before (frame 99), so that moving object can pass by. It’s like applying the “track to constraint” to the camera.
Because when I set the influence value to 0 at frame 100 the direction changes and thats unfortunately not what I need.

The only idea I have is using an empty. So that the camera tracks to this empty and then I can stop the movement of the empty and the object can pass by…

Does anyone have an different idea how something like this can be realized??

Any help would be very nice
Thanks in advance
Greetings dechgo

Parent an empty to the object. Add a track to constraint to the empty.

Now add another empty at the frame you want the camera to stop tracking the object (select the object, then move cursor to object). This empty is not parented to the object. Now add a second track to constraint to the camera to the second empty.

Then key frame the eye(right click eye, insert key frame) of the appropriate constraint to get
the effect you want.

Hi made_a_lamp,

thanks for this tip.
Works out very good.
I did not know that you can even key frame “the eye”. This is really helpful in many cases.

So thanks a lot, great tip!!

Greetings dechgo