Camera as object sensor

I have some questions about camera, for example I have a scene with houses, trees and camera parented to a player, player can be moved around the scene, what is happening with objects that are not visible by player camera ? They are still presents on the scene ? Because I was thinking on some optimizing by changing all detailed objects not visible to a player for cubes(for example). Same thing I want to do with non playable characters and other things. Is there a sense to do this ? If yes, is there some api functions to do that ? Or maybe some camera sensor that will list all visible objects ? Or I have to create script to handle this ? Thx in advance for any replies. Ps. maybe someone have some good tutorial about game optimization ?

as far as i know it does face culling automatically(if not face culling definitely object culling) so all you need to focus on is an LOD system for what the camera does see.

It is called frustum culling and build-in. No need to worry about that.

You might want to deactivate Physics, Animation, and heavy Logic at non-visible objects. But I do not think you need to think about that at this stage of your game.

Ok. thank You very much for answers, Yes on this stage I don’t have to think about that :slight_smile: