Camera, Backface, and Distance Culling (geometry node groups)

With my recent work on the nView addon (, I wanted to see if I could do culling via geometry nodes. Although not ideal for the addon, I felt that it was still worth sharing to the community.
I made three scenes in the file to show off each one (I replaced the CC0 Georges Gardet statue with Suzannes in the file in the upload to save space).

Blender 3 Culling Geometry Nodes.blend (4.8 MB)

Backface Culling:

Fairly fast, chopping playback in an animation

Distance Culling:

Fairly fast too. One parameter to change the distance.

View Frustum Culling (or “camera culling”):

Uses a boolean node, which unfortunately is slow. Would love to see an optimization on it, if anyone is willing. Doesn’t support a camera’s Shift X or Y (but would be a fairly simple fix)
Five parameters:

  • Distance (so the boolean can have an ending to work with)
  • Resolution X and Y (mainly to calculate aspect ratio)
  • FOV angle (can get it from the Camera properties, change Lens Unit to “Field of View”)
  • Padding

There’s a few other groups included that are subgroups and purely to keep the node tree clean and readable.


Thank you so much!

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