Camera Background Movie Clip shift in time

Hello all,
i need help for a really “simple task” that Blender have for sure…

anyone can tell me please how to shift/offset in time, a movie clip attached to camera as " Backgeround images".

I’d like to have my video clip starting for example at frame 30.

I can’t find it out.
Thanks in advance.

as easy as this:

import bpy["myVideoClip.mp4"].frame_start = 30

Or in the outliner - Data API, expand “Cameras”, expand your cam with background image, expand “background images”, find and expand your movieclip, you’ll see Start Frame and Frame Offset (which is essentially what Im changing in the code, but this way you can see the values as sliders in real-time).


Woo thank you !! very usefull tip !!!