Camera Bot

The bot is pure Blender internal. I added the drop shadow and the titles in Photoshop.

woah! i want one of those! :stuck_out_tongue:
nice work

Very nice!

very clean, great texturing, parts make sense…great work!

Thanks all. I had considering doing some extra bumping and doing stripes around the orange plates, but I wanted him to look a little abandoned, sort of the unfinished model that makes a great discovery the other models couldn’t – you know, a bit of an universal ugly duckling. I’m currently chewing on possible plotlines.

love it
it reminds me of a old gard dog thats a bit old and has taken a few knoks but wont quit untill it falls apart.

for the amount of personality it has for an object i’d give it 4 stars,
i’d give it five but i think it will be better with a bump map.

great texturing and realy nice BI render. Crit to come: looking at the lens of any zoom will show some internal elements distrorted inside with some reflections. Then it would be Kick Ass!!

HD: there’s normal-modifying nodes applied – one, the texture of the surface; two, the chipped-off bits, three, the grooves around the orange plates. I wanted to keep him relatively simple (he’s a small guy!), so I preferred not to do too much wear and tear.

David: Thanks. In this case I went for characterization over detail. The “eyes” could become much harder to read if I put too much stuff in there.

While I consider the bot a finished model, here are some possible deformations I’m playing with:

Proof that good texturing makes all the diffrence

photorealism…i always like that.

Thats awesome, makes me think of star wars movies. Great work!

i still think it may look better if the edges of the paint where a bit more raised.but thats just my opinion.

i love what you have done with the lens, lots of animating possibilities.
Does the lens move in and out to simulate zooming?
carn’t wait to see it in action!

Thanks for your comments, everyone.

Yeah, expect it to have some zooming action. The script requires it. It’ll use some camera filters that I believe need to come from Gadgetspace, or from its own inner near-infinite storage space – or from Carl Zeiss if they foot the bill (a man can dream, can’t he).

Great work! but maybe you should’ve put in the work progress section.

Awesome in all aspects! However, the peeling paint doesn’t suit other parts of the camerabot, which look brand new, maybe you could experiment with an overall rougher or newer look.

Great work, man.
Did you follow a tutorial to made that scratched-like metal texture? Anyway can you post some advice to achieve that result?

an universal ugly duckling

Nice! Yeah, it totally works. I dig the model and texturing!

very kool.

wow…nice modeling and texturing

nice i like the scratched and peeling texture