Camera Change HotKey...

Recently I was watching a video tutorial and the guy was saying how to change the camera’s position & angle by entering perspective view, getting the angle you want and hitting “Shift 0 (zero)”. I assume he’s referring to the num-pad 0. I saw it work for him, like a charm, in that tutorial, but it doesn’t work for me at ALL. It looks like a really handy feature and I know I would use it like mad. Any ideas why it’s not working for me? Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

It woks o.k. for me… :o

The steps I’m taking are:

  1. Select the camera…
  2. Hit CTRL+numpad0, to get into camera view…
  3. “Position” the camera in the desired location and with the desired angle, using your middle mouse button…
  4. Press SHIFT+numpad0 and the camera will be automatically placed in that position…

I have NO idea why, but it just doesn’t work for me. Nothing happens when I hit SHIFT+0. I don’t get it. :frowning:

Most probably you’re just doing something wrong here…

Are you sure that you press SHIFT+numpad0??? Because SHIFT+0 is not for that, it’s for toggling layers… Is your numpad activated (make sure that the NumLock light is on)???

Look you don’t even need to go into prespective view…

In the 3D viewport window just rotate the view a bit and hit that shift+numpad0. The camera’s position should change…

Yep, NumLock is on, I’m hitting SHIFT+NumPad0, and nothing. I tied to get this to work for HOURS while watching that part of the tutorial OVER and OVER. It’s just weird… I’ve tried both SHIFT keys too… Just nothing happens, it’s frustrating since I know I would use this feature constantly.

err… doesn’t work for me either.

Several (many?) people have run into this problem. I have heard it called a keyboard, bios, and operating system problem. I’m the guy that made the video and I made an error by not specifying explicitly numpad 0 and just saying 0, sorry :expressionless:
That said, it will work for everyone through the menus, in the 3D window header:

view->align view->align active camera to view

Hope this helps,

That definitely helps! Thank you very much! And thank you for your excellent video tutorials!!!

Shift+Numpad+0 is broken in Windows, it works in Linux …

That makes sense then, I’m in Windows XP Home Edition. Good to know, thank you all for your help. Communities like THIS are why I love open source projects… Now if they’d only port Ximian Evolution to Windows my life would be perfect. :wink:

why not use Thundebird :wink: ?

It’s not nearly as useful as Evolution is for me. :wink:

works for me (one of the latest bf-builds and everything before). maybe it’s because i use a mac-keyboard :slight_smile:

Yeah it’s a windows problem - apparently it intercepts it thinking it’s Shift-Insert or something.

I am reading your guy’s post and I am wondering if there are any link to Greybeards vidoes cause if there are I would like to download them can someone leave me a link please?
also at


Thanks very much

Hey those are some great videos I always learn something new from vids
but I have one question on the UV mapping vid, how do you know where to make the seams on models? Is there any way you can tell em a method for making seems? Say like on a human head.

If you can that would be great

Yes, the video tutorials are incredibly helpful. I am thankful to anyone who’s put one together. I always learn something new from them. As far as UV mapping, I haven’t the slightest. I haven’t gone through that one yet. :wink: