camera changer script

I’m using the camera changer script with 2.45. I have a scene with three cameras, animating with IPO’s and when I setup a little test animation with three cameras flying around the default cube it works fine. But when I go back to my scene it doesn’t switch cameras! ARRGGG

I have the camera names (object and datablock) set to the frame switches (ie. 1,230,1322 135,141 395,890) and I’ve ran the camera change script. But when I hit Alt-A and am viewing it through the first camera it doesn’t change. I’ve even deleted all three cameras and put them in again, and it doesnt switch. The cameras are tracking three different empties if that makes a difference, but I did that in my sample and it worked fine.

I know its a weird error, but if anyone has ANY suggest I’d appreciate it!

except from the notes in the script:

  - This script creates another script named, which is linked to the current scene.<br>
  - If there is already a text called "", but it's from an old version or is not recognized,
you can choose if you want to rename or overwrite it.

check for example with shift-F4 the created scripts,
there should only one …
next you can open the texteditor window (in blender) and select this script.
you can put a “print” statement into it and if you run blender from a terminal, you
will get some feedback there (if you let it print the framenumbers, for example)

another example, maybe you did a full-copy of the scene, then in the new one what worked in the old scene will not behave in the same way - some things get not duplicated
like you can easy see at the object-names (they get .xxx numbers).

more better: use the outliner window to check the script-links