Camera Changer Translation

Does anybody know if The Camera Changer script has any documentation that has been translated to English? It looks like a useful script, but I am too newbie to figure it out without docs.

Not sure which script you mean as you’ll see from this thread:


Let me cordially, but strongly, suggest a different approach.

Instead of trying to shoot the whole thing, camera changes and all, as one continuous “take,” study the Sequence Editor carefully.

Take a tip from the movies: build your set, position all your cameras in it, light the set for those cameras. Then shoot from each camera to make separate output strips. Finally, “cut together” those various takes using the Sequence Editor to make the final film. Shooting and editing are entirely separate production steps.

The Sequence Editor also enables you to save great amounts of time through the magic of compositing, which allows you to, for example, render a non-moving background for a non-moving camera as exactly one frame and then use it as a composite strip in any take … “X”-frames long … without rendering it ever again.

As you get into movies, and as those movies approach even a length of just one or two minutes and include details of rich complexity, you quickly reach the point where you can simply no longer afford to watch your computer grind away for hours after the latest slight change.

You’ll also find that you probably shot too much material, too much lead-in/lead-out stuff, and you want to cut to tighten it up. Treating this editing as a separate step is definitely (imho) the “right way” to do it.

Thanks alot for your responses. I have done the tutorial in the docs on the sequence editor. I even have a bit of experience in video and 16MM film production. Can’t believe I haven’t made the connection with Blender. :expressionless:

I’ll search the forums and the knowledge base for more info on the sequence editor and animation workflow.

I am also about ready to stick my little toe in the cold ocean of UV Mapping (shudder).

Thanks again.